Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who are we?

We are the new Fanshare, only change the FPS to 60FPS

All anime in this website is 60FPS or normal FPS?

ALL Anime post from this website are 60FPS

Do you have channel Youtube ?

of course you can search "alfheim anime"

Why do you use Alfheim ?

we use Alfheim because that name is the highest place on Yggdrasil. We are the highest quality for anime download

What project are you working on ?

we are working on new and old anime projects, especially anime action

Can we reupload ?

Not, but you can put this anime in your website and give us credit link

Why there is no resolution 480 ?

Please, we don't provide low class quality.

Our anime is only for chosen people

Can you compress the size of the anime ?

C'mon upgrade your quota and your storage